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    Feeder Automation System Integration

    Feeder Automation System Integration

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    Mnoge su komunalne tvrtke instalirale posebne tehnologije automatizacije napajača da bi poboljšale ili umanjile rizike unutar svoje distribucijske mreže. S pojavom pametnih mjerača i mogućnosti nadzora i izvješćivanja o promjenama u pragovima napona, u događajima ispada iz mreže i povrata u nju, te o drugim stanjima linija, komunalne tvrtke suočavaju se s izazovima transformacije svih podataka terenskih senzora u odgovor po kojem je moguće djelovati. Bez zajedničkog sustava upravljanja pojedinačnim elementima može biti teško ili nemoguće provesti optimalne radnje.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric's Feeder Automation System Integration leverages the distributed intelligence of smart automation technologies, the connectedness of wireless communications and the power of our ADMS to deliver a comprehensive and harmonized solution to meet your most challenging feeder requirements. Whether it be closed loop operation of voltage control strategies for Optimization, Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) and Power Quality management or executing circuit reconfiguration for improved Fault Location Isolation and Supply Restoration (FLISR), our solution can be tailored to meet your needs. In addition to these more traditional feeder challenges, our Integrated solution can help you achieve a more balanced management of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Renewables Integration with control scenarios that combine Voltage Optimization and Automatic Circuit Reconfiguration (ACR). The integrated approach also can help anticipate, manage and mitigate any feeder conditions that may occur as a result of wide-scale deployments of Microgrids on the feeder. Using the power of our load forecasting and flow analysis, circuit modifications can be executed to protect the feeder, and ensure high reliability.
    • Value Proposition

      This solution offers the following values to the utility:

      • Leverages the value of centralized control while supporting local operations as needed
      • Provides a top-down view for situational awareness and consistent operations
      • Offers simplified Human Machine Interface (HMI) that simplifies configurations and operations
      • Application-driven solutions such as CVR and FLISR that work with Schneider and industry standard field equipment
      • Enables the use of multi-tiered options based on field condition monitoring points
      • Employs industry standard RTU's and communication protocols (DNP3/IEC61850)
    • Differentiation

      • It is a solution that can start off as a stand alone autonomous operation, such as classic loop automation, and migrate to a sophisticated and complex centralized loop scheme as needs and requirements grow.
      • Application modules can be readily added as greater levels of centralized automation become desired.
      • Additional functionalities such as planning and placement of automation assets leverage historical information (such as outage frequency and duration) to optimize investment return.
      • Power flow monitoring and prediction algorithms can incorporate field assets as options to mitigate potential issues with reliability and power quality.


    • Dvojica muškaraca u upravljačkoj prostoriji elektrane pregledavaju big data analitiku, izvješćivanje o održivosti.
      • The heart of our Feeder Automation is our Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). It provides centralized situational awareness and unified command and control of field assets.