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    Pragma UP

    Mini enclosure German type

    Pragma UP : flush-mounted enclosures range for Domae devices

    Pragma UP
    • Značajke

      Plastic flushmounted modular enclosure with metallic door
      • Plastic enclosure, flush mounted
      • Plein flat door,
      • Full compliance with standards DIN 43871 - degree of protection IP 30 - flammability : 650°C
      • 4 commercial ref. : 1, 2, 3 4 rows
      • Accessories : door lock, terminal blocks, associating kit for 2 or several enclosures, mounting accessory for gypsum boards
      • Packaging with an anti-cement protection box

      A range corresponding to installation habits in several countries from east, south and center of Europe
      Flush mounting enclosures with enhanced front face
      A complementary enclosure offer, especially to mini Pragma


      Pragma UP flush-mounted enclosures is ideally suited to accommodate the Domae modular products. A consistent, adapted, easy to install solution ; a garanty of peace of mind and simplicity for the installer


      • Enclosure used for protection and control Domae devices, for housing and small tertiary