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    Harmony 9001 SK

    Ø 30 mm plastic pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights

    The Harmony 9001SK range of Ø 30 mm plastic pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights provides robust and reliable solutions for a wide number of heavy industry applications.

    Harmony 9001 SK
    • Značajke

      The range includes:

      • Spring-return push button switches
      • Illuminated push buttons and pilot lights with LEDs
      • Mushroom-head emergency stop buttons with snap-action locking
      • Selector switches
      • A wide range of accessories to fit your needs

      • IP66, NEMA 4 and NEMA 13 rated (reinforced sealing for corrosion resistance to oils and water)
      • Conforms to IEC, UL, CSA, EN and NOM standards, as well as CE marking
      • Finger-safe contact blocks and light modules
      • Large set of accessories to customize your panels
      • High resistance to corrosion