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  • Gas drilling installation, oil and gas, mining industry.

    Power Distribution

    Electrical station, energy access, power management.

    The core of your business.

    From new projects to expansions, numerous challenges must be addressed:

    • Disciplined budget allocation and cost control
    • Safety for people and assets
    • Availability of critical of electrical systems
    • Compliance with international standards and local regulations
    • Solutions

      Extensive range of solutions for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems:

      • Smart E-Houses: Prefabricated substations, control rooms and mobile datacenters
      • LV and MV power distribution equipment: a complete line of MV/LV substations, equipment and components
      • Supervision: For power distribution and substation automation
    • Value Proposition

      E-House: a fully engineered, plug and play and validated solution.

      • Cost effective
      • Fully compliant to latest building codes and other applicable standards
      • Adaptation to the plant climatic / environmental requirements
      • Tested, validated and industrialized by Schneider Electric
      • Integrated safety, security and access control
    • Differentiation

      The largest integrated offer in power distribution

      • Validated designs that comply with standards & environmental constraints
      • Efficient and reliable supply chain with industrial footprint and local services close to your plant
      • Experienced and certified engineering teams to secure your projects


    • Inženjeri u kontrolnoj sobi ljevaonice, industrijska automatizacija, sigurnosni proizvodi

      Reliable protection for mission-critical systems

    • Metalurški radnik koji radi kraj otvorene električne čelične peći u industrijskom pogonu, industrijska automatizacija, mineralna obrada

      Reduced outages

    • Visoka peć za lijevani čelik, mineralna obrada, proizvodnja sustava izvedbe

      Prevent data loss and related production losses